Agrarian Assets Consulting

Here at Agrarian Assets we aim to offer advice and consultations on soft commodities, fine food stuffs, and agroforestry for the small scale private investor. We believe that investing directly in real assets is the best way to get exposure to uncorrelated agricultural products that are universally desired and more importantly sustainable.


Real Assets

Annatto Seed

Invest in this food additive

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Biomass Growth

Opportunities in Biomass

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Christmas Trees

Real Trees from Canada

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Finland Wood

Biomass, Pulp and Paper

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General Ethical

Why choose ethical investing?

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Find out about cacao investing

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New regions in agribusiness

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Invest in the global whiskey trade

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Ways to invest in coffee

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Fine Wines

Find the best fine wine investments

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Green Coconuts

News on Global Coconut Trade

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Black Truffles

News about Black Truffle farming

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